Date: 2007-2008

Steam is a Match 3/Action/Puzzle full 3D casual game, where you have to help a cute young girl travel across the land of Sweetopia, fighting “the bad guys” with her train who fired colourful marble balls to unveil the secret of the stolen candies!

In this game, I was Game Producer and worked closely with a team of 3 artists, 1 sound engineer and 4 developers trying to make sure the quality of the game was excellent and we met the deadlines. I was also responsible for some of the ideas of the game and wrote them down myself in the Game Design Document, specifying relevant information such as gameplay, environment and how would the idea fit in the current storyline. I was also responsible to pitch the game to publishers and I successfully managed to get the game published with Oberon Media, Big Fish Games, Boonty and a couple other big publishers in the Casual Market space. The game can still be played today here and it’s still being sold.

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Steam from Ignite Games

Loading Screen

In-game Screenshot

In-game Screenshot 1

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot 2

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot 3

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