Date: 2008

Starwheels was a Casual Racing Full 3D casual game where the player could choose between multiple Characters, Vehicles and Planets (tracks) to race their way into Galactic Glory and Cosmic Prizes!

The idea was very good and the concept was awesome as well as the graphics. One of my key participations in this game had to do with making sure the whole art was extremely polished and had to look cute, as the game was intended to be played by women mostly. The players would have to instantly relate to the characters and cars, and the cars had no major differences apart from the aesthetical ones. As Game Producer, I was responsible for making sure the team of 3 artists, 1 sound engineer and 4 developers met deadlines and implemented the game features as they were in the design document. Although the game never got to be published, every single Publisher I pitched the game to was impressed by the game’s graphics and its fluidity, which were my main areas of intervention.

Starwheels Loading Screen

Loading Screen

Starwheels Character Selection Screen

Character Selection Screen

Starwheels Vehicle Selection Screen

Vehicle Selection Screen

Starwheels Track Selection Screen

Track Selection Screen

Starwheels In-game Screenshot 1

In-game Screenshot 1

Starwheels In-game Screenshot 2

In-game Screenshot 2

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