Date: 2009-2010

Portucale was a Real Time Strategy Web Game similar to the very popular Travian or Tribal Wars. The whole game design was mine as this was one idea I’ve had on my head for several years.

The concept was to have a player impersonate one Knight, servant to the first King of Portugal and help the Kingdom grow, always respecting the real events of the History of Portugal. The game started in 1143 (when Portugal was created) and ended in 1910 (when the Monarchy was abolished and the Republic implemented in the country) and the player would evolve with time, accordingly to Portugal and the world’s history and technological evolutions as well.

The storyline was very rich and full of historical events and I tried to always keep a pedagogical approach to every aspect of the game as I wanted to be a way for young people to learn a little bit more about their country’s history while having fun! I was also very careful to make sure the environment of the game evolved as the years passed by and major historical events took place (the Arab Wars, the Sea Conquest, the Napoleon Invasions, The Industrial Revolution, etc.).

  • Screenshots
Portucale Logo

Portucale Home Screen

Portucale The King

Model of D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s First King

Portucale Map View

Portucale’s In-game Screenshot – Map View

Portucale My Village

Portucale In-game Screenshot – My Village view

Portucale Landscape 1

Portucale Wallpaper 1

Portucale Wallpaper 2

Portucale Wallpaper 2

Portucale Wallpaper 3

Portucale Wallpaper 3

Portucale Advisors

Portucale – Player Advisors Models