Portfolio (Games)

In early 2007, me and a long time friend also in the IT area found out that we shared an immense passion about Video Games and decided to put to use our already considerable experience in the IT field to try and create a Games Studio in Lisbon, Portugal. We had several brilliant ideas and we were almost certain we would change the world of video games with them and make great, fun things. I still do.

My role was to do Product and Project Management, Game Design and Game Production and since I was fluent in English and had strong communication skills, I was also appointed to do Business Development, i.e. make sure our games got published. During the time our Game Studio was able to survive the lack of investment from anyone else but ourselves, I was able to work on some brilliant titles, with fantastic ideas and extremely skilled individuals. Below you can check the titles I have worked in.

Allo Allo - Revenge of Knackwurst Home Screen

Allo Allo – Revenge of Knackwurst Home Screen

No Content Yet for Pet Doctor

Game Design Challenge: ‘Allo ‘Allo! – René in Love


Game Design Challenge: The Return Of R.O.B.

Portucale Logo

Portucale was a Real Time Strategy Web Game based on the History of Portugal’s Monarchy.

No Content Yet for Pet Doctor

Pet Doctor was a game where the player would play a Female Veterinarian, healing all the cute animals in the world, with innovative user interface!

Netliga Logo

Netliga was a Soccer Management Web Game where the player lead his team of Portuguese Premier League players, showing everyone he was the best Manager in the World!

Ignite's Assembly Line

Ignite’s Assembly Line is an Online Action Game, where the player would impersonate the characters of Ignite’s Game studio to produce Games in form of lighters!

Starwheels Loading Screen

Starwheels, a Casual Racing Full 3D casual game where the player could choose between multiple Characters, Vehicles and Planets (tracks) to race their way into Galactic Glory and Cosmic Prizes!

Steam from Ignite Games

Steam, a Match 3/Action/Puzzle full 3D casual game, where you would have to help a cute young girl travel across the land of Sweetopia, fighting “the bad guys” with her train who fired colourful marble balls to unveil the secret of the stolen candies!