Date: 2008-2009

Netliga was a Soccer Management Web Game and the user had to pick a team of players based on the official players who played in the Portuguese Premier League. The user would then define his team’s starting line-up and the game engine would rate the players depending on their performance in real life. It would then compute the results and determine each user team’s score. In this game, I designed the game concept, gameplay and other game elements, the general layout guidelines and also did some development on the starting line-up UI. I also managed to have it published by, the largest portuguese web portal, on its game section and at its highest peak we had over 10.000 active players registered and playing.

  • Screenshots

Netliga Logo

Netliga Logo

Netliga Home Page

Netliga Home Page

Netliga Recruiting

In-game Screenshot – Recruiting Players

Netliga Individual Player Stats

In-game Screenshot – Individual Player Stats

Netliga Team Lineup

In-game Screenshot – Choosing your lineup

Netliga Rules and Instructions

In-game Screenshot – Game Rules and Instructions

Netliga Manager Rankings

In-game Screenshot – Individual Manager Rankings

Netliga Team Rankings

In-game Screenshot – Global Team Rankings

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