Hi all, I’ve recently started playing World of Warcraft again and, after some time playing, I decided to go back to making movies about my raiding experience, which is something I enjoy doing.  My first movie in Mists of Pandaria expansion is Norushen 10 man on heroic difficulty, I hope […]

Back to WoW and making movies

Yesterday I went to a Workshop promoted by my current employer with the subject of Greenline. This workshop was intended to introduce Greenline as a new way to manage conversations and increase one’s communication and interpersonal skills. According to the promoters of this Workshop, Greenline is “a scientifically-based methodology to […]

Greenline – a different approach to conversations

Hi all. Today I had to find a way to send emails with embedded images in it, for branding purposes. At first glance, it might seem an easy task to accomplish but it took me some time to actually realize how I could pull this through. To be able to […]

Sending emails with embedded images in .NET