Monthly archives: August 2012

I just read a very interesting article about the first week of NASA’s Mars mission and I can’t help feeling totally overwhelmed and in awe with the findings. Sure, its just a bunch of pictures that show pretty much nothing more than a deserted landscape, with no signs of life […]

A huge leap for Mankind indeed

I just finished reading this article on Gamasutra where the author explains why, in his opinio, SWTOR (Star Wars – The Old Republic) is, let’s face it, a failure. Being a huge fan of MMO’s and an active World of Warcraft player since late 2006, I also tried SWTOR as […]

The strange case of Benjamin SWTOR…

DJ R.O.B 4
The latest‘s Game Design Challenge is about R.O.B., aka Robotic Operating Buddy, an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1985. The challenge is to design a game that uses Nintendo’s R.O.B. peripheral somehow. I decided to give it a go and create a Game Design that would […]

Game Design Challenge: The Return Of R.O.B.